Since we started out as a threaded fastener manufacturer, we approach manufacturing from the customer’s perspective, and offer a wide range of consultation services centered around parts, from procurement through production.
Armed with the knowledge, experience, and technical prowess we have built up over the past 80 years, we are relied on by manufacturers in a wide range of industries, including automobiles, housing equipment, construction machinery, machine tools, construction, and shipbuilding.

Sales staff with a wealth of knowledge help customers tackle their challenges.

Our sales staff have a wealth of knowledge, and will discuss not just parts, but aspects such as delivery methods and work efficiency, based on a thorough understanding of your business and services.


Our excellent procurement capabilities can help you realize your ideals.

As a specialized trading company, we procure a wide range of products from over 2,000 domestic and international partners. We support all processing methods, shapes, and levels of precision, and can offer the optimal cost and delivery. In an era in which businesses are closing down due to a lack of successors, we promise to maintain stable parts supply.

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