Ooyama also focuses on sales training, so that sales representatives with a wealth of knowledge and experience can provide support for manufacturing. They make sure to thoroughly understand your business and services, and propose the optimal solution as if they were one of your own employees.


Consult us about products
that don’t yet exist anywhere.

Feel free to consult us about parts that other companies were unable to make. We’ll team up with our company and 2,000 domestic and international suppliers to make your ideal product a reality.


You can also lean on us for advice
on things other than parts.

In addition to parts themselves, we can also flexibly respond to requests concerning delivery methods, including lot size and delivery period.We can also offer advice about improving work efficiency, like what can be done to make your manufacturing process more efficient. Please feel free to ask us about it.

Here are some of the solutions we have proposed
  • Processing method proposal

    We received a request to create a pin with an umbrella shaped flange. Since it had a complex shape, it had until then been created through machining. However, to reduce costs, we proposed forging it by pressing it into a mold. This significantly reduced processing time, allowing the customer to cut costs and support mass production.
  • Developing designer bolts

    We received a request for bolts to fasten the curtain wall to the frame of a building. The customer requested a bolt that both served as a fastener and improved aesthetics. In response, we developed bolts with colorful covers.
  • Bolt kit planning

    We proposed combining the bolts necessary for assembling one product into a single case delivered as a “bolt kit”. Not only did this help reduce the amount of work required for staging parts on the factory floor, but also helped prevent workers from using the wrong bolts or forgetting to tighten bolts.
  • Establishing a delivery system

    One customer had plants in the Kanto and Kansai regions, and in China. So we leveraged the strengths of Ooyama’s locations throughout Japan, and in Shanghai, to build a system for quickly delivering the same parts with the same level of service from whichever was the closest sales office to each of their locations. They were quite pleased.
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